Protect Your Property From Hazardous Trees

Arrange for tree removal service in Marcy & Utica, NY and the surrounding areas

When a tree is growing too close to your home for comfort, there's only one company to call. Preble's Tree Service, LLC offers emergency tree removal services in Marcy & Utica, NY and surrounding areas. We have the experience and equipment needed to remove trees without damaging your property. After removing trees, you can trust us to backfill the leftover holes and haul away any excess wood chips.

Don't panic if a storm knocks over a tree on your property. Call today to schedule reliable tree removal services. Our team will remove the fallen tree in a timely manner.

What can our tree removal crew do for you?

Preble's Tree Service does hazardous tree removal work in the Marcy, NY area. We can remove trees that are:

  • Leaning on your power lines
  • Leaning towards your home or commercial facility
  • Damaging your property with their roots
  • Blocking your view
  • Dead or diseased

Contact us right away to get hazardous tree removal services. We'll be happy to answer any questions.