No Branch Is Out of Reach

Hire professional tree climbers for safe branch removal in Marcy and Utica, NY

Need branches removed from an out-of-the-way tree? Don't worry about squeezing a bucket truck into your yard. Just turn to Preble's Tree Service, LLC for experienced tree climbing services in the Marcy and Utica, NY area. We use special equipment to scale tall trees to carefully remove overgrown or hazardous branches. Our professionals use a harness and rope system to stay safe while providing the service you need.

Trust a professional tree climber who will treat your property respectfully throughout branch removal. Call 315-941-8991 to schedule service.

See what makes tree climbing services more efficient

When you have tree branches that need extra attention, count on the professionals at Preble's Tree Service, LLC. We're highly trained to use proper tree climbing techniques to:

  • Avoid damage to your property
  • Provide a more thorough service
  • Gain better accessibility to tricky areas

Want more information? Contact us today to speak with our experienced tree climbers about your situation.